Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Souplantation Review

I like food, and I equally like talking about food. Me and my good friend Trina whos page you can check out over at Mother of Twins have started (without planning it, it just happened this way) to take monthly lunch outings with just us, no kids, or significant others. Yesterday was our second lunch date and we have so far been trying out places that either one or both of us hadn't visited. So I figured I would add another element to my foodish ways blog by adding a monthly Restraraunt Reviews so every month unless something comes up (which stuff frequently does I will try and post another review) So bare with me this is my first one and I am open to suggestions on what you would want to know about a restrauant so if i am leaving key elements out please let me know. So without further ado: May Review goes to... Souplantation which I noticed is also known as Sweet Tomatoes in other states.

I have to say I was really skeptical, I checked out the website before we went and I called up Trina and said "You know they only sell soups and salads." I just couldn't see a place that didn't at least have a sandwich option really being my cup of tea, but shame on me for jumping to assumptions. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when we finally arrived. To start it is a buffet style restaraunt so you pay a flat fee of about $9.00 per person and then you can have your fill of salad and a variety of soup and baked good choices. I tried my best for research sake to try as many as the items as I could ;). Since it was a buffet I just went ahead and grabbed the Souplantation lunch menu from today edited out the items they didn't have or I didn't try and then I will rate each item 1-5 1= being wouldn't try it again 5= Can't get enough keep it coming and (E )will denote the items I tried and ( T ) the ones Trina tried

Tossed Salads:

Caesar Salad Asiago (Non-Vegetarian) 3 - (T) didnt really care for their dressing
Won Ton Chicken Happiness 4- (T) thought it was very good, but 1 serving was enough

Prepared Salads:

German Potato Joan's Broccoli Madness (Non-Vegetarian) 1 - (T) tried it for the 1st time and wouldn't try it again
Poppyseed Coleslaw (Vegetarian) 4-( T) Good and well worth trying out.


Deep Kettle House Chili (Low-Fat) 4-( E) It was good but I did add onions & cheese
Golden Yam Bisque (Vegetarian) 1 -( E) Just didn't float my boat, 3 -( T) different, unique
Yankee Clipper Clam Chowder with Bacon 5 -( E) I can eat a good clam chowder e'erday
Classical French Onion (Non-Vegetarian)3- (E) along side a good roast beef sandwich, 2- (T) as a stand alone soup not impressed
Cream of Mushroom (Non-Vegetarian) 4 (T) Really good!!!


Macaroni & Cheese (Vegetarian) 3- (T) Liked it, thought it would be a good option for kids
Vegetarian Marinara w/ Basil (Vegetarian) 4 -(T) Also very good and a great option for the little ones


Buttermilk Cornbread (Low-Fat) 2- (T) didn't really care for whole corn kernals in the cornbread.
Chocolate Brownie Muffin 5- (E) chocolate!!!, need I say more
Garlic Asiago Focaccia 5 -(E) (T) We are both big on bread good alone or dipped in soup.
Wildly Blue Blueberry Muffin 3- (E) okay but not memorable
Cranberry Orange Bran Muffin (96% Fat-Free) 3- (E) It was good, just a little to thick and heavy for my liking.


Vanilla Soft Serve 5- (E) with the right toppings you can't go wrong
Chocolate Soft Serve 1- (T) tried both chocolate and vanilla but even with topping couldn't finish it, wasnt good.

My favorite part of eating, dessert =>

Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes are not at this time located in all of the states. You can find out if there is a Souplantation or Sweet Tomatoes, also you can check out full menus at their website http://www.souplantation.com/.

A few more ratings:

Family Friendly 4 (E) I saw a lot of high chairs, most of the seating was booth style which works well for my family, but I would have liked to see a few more items my kids would have liked. 4 (T)

Restrooms: 4- (E) clean and stocked, a little small though only two stalls. 2- (T) felt they could have been cleaner.
Staff: 5- (E) Friendly and helpful 3- (T) would like to have seen a greeter/hostess
Dining Room: 5- (E) food stations were clean and well stocked. 5- (T)

Overall I would rate the place at an A-. I really enjoyed eating here (I ate way more than I should of definitely got my money's worth) I would absolutely go back again. :)

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